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Hello everyone and thank you for making this event a great moment. It was a risky bet that we brilliantly took up with you. This artistic turn was necessary and made possible by Manu Muré's discovering talent, and by the artists who make all the efforts worthy of real artists ... This 11th festival is therefore placed in a good place in the legend of R.I.O. which still generates as many "vocations" and dreams as in 1978, year of its creation. Its founders (Chris Cutler, Fred Frith and Henry Cow musicians) can be proud of it. The work of the volunteers and the salaried team is to be welcomed, that of the technicians too. The importance of this rare moment for all of us has become obvious. And I am, despite everything, every time amazed. A new generation is seizing it and it may be the most important at this time. Because the transmission of this culture and the freedom it conveys is essential. We still have a lot of work to finish it ... Thanks again to all of you who have been here from so far and so present.

See you soon, the RIO team.













More than ever today, the associative cultural structures require the support of all to continue to exist. By donating to the association Rocktime, you assure the sustainability of our actions, always so fragile in spite of more than 40 years of existence and more than 1000 concerts were scheduled to this day. 

We really need you, beforehand one thank you to all!

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For its eleventh edition, RIO is reinventing itself and is therefore going to be a brand new festival.

Young bands from the "new French scene" will be its cornerstone.

Novelties, talent, surprising mix of current music, originality, commited and sincere artists… great moments are surely to be expected.

Far from the classic format and yet respectful of a henceforth legendary and demanding programme, this edition  is willing to highlight the different musical trends that are currently appearing in our country.

The ranks of the worldwide and faithful audience is now swollen by lots of enthusiatic fans of local and adventurous talents.

RIO has become an international reference and quite a summit in terms of musical inventiveness in Occitanie. Our staff always make sure that the public will be pleasantly surprised and do their best to make of our festival the very place-to-be.

We are extremely devoted to a warm and caring welcome both of the artists and of the audience. We work hard to improve it year after year. The whole team does its best to turn each encounter into a true, humane experience.

So welcome to the RIO family for those three musically surprising days!

Rock In Opposition 2017




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