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M, A, R and cœur as heart.
Born in 1947 in in the city of the Chanoine Kir, where he learns and cheek of the clarinet, then the saxophone tenor.
At the beginning of the 70s, he goes to the capital and play, together with her brothers Claude and Gérard with the cream of the musicians French prog: Patrice Tison, Pascal Arroyo, François Ovide or François Bréant, who draws the magnificent dress handkerchiefs of 3 first ones album appeared in 1974, 1976 and 1979. . « Où l'on apprend à déguster le jus d'abricot et la cueillette des noix, que le temps est long, long, ou que quand c'est raté, c'est raté ».
He Settle some titles for Dick Annegarn between 1975 and 1976.

The  French Zappa begins in 1984, with the album « Celui où y a Joseph », a fruitful collaboration with the studio Crapule !, Which design all his albums covers until 2005.

Removed from Sacem, Albert and his brothers throw their own label Brothers, spread almost) only on Web at the address marcoeur.com, and acquire the rights of their former records which they take out again little by little in packagings of great distinction.

Every new record is the opportunity of a total concert-show, a festival of inventiveness and incomparable humor in sad French musical landscape, between duel of batteries and composition with voice sampled of Roselyne Bachelot.

In May, 2008 went out the 10th album, "Practical class".


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