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Bob (b1957) was a founding member of Thinking Plague, and has been a member of the 5uu’s , Hail, and The Science Group. He has engineered and mixed many albums on the Recommended and Cuneiform labels, and has worked with artists ranging from Ice Cube to the Art Bears, but it with his series of solo recordings made between 1994 and the present that he has really found his voice with individual, always highly melodic tales of bears, skulls, meerkats, hauntings, chemistry and more. He began doing solo shows  in 2015, and is currently at work on what will be his 10th solo album.

“Your songs, the wings they grow are so beautiful”.

— Tim Smith (Cardiacs) March 2017

“…he balances his impressive technical skill with just the right dose of lo-fi get-it-done-now irreverence to hit that elusive sweet spot between prog precision and friendly spontaneity. In doing so, he not only gives himself space to indulge an affably friendly musicality but knocks down any of the strict confining fences which might restrict both his freedom and the warm buzz of his audience’s involvement.”

— Dann Chinn (misfitcitty.org):

“This summer I saw Bob perform in a basement in Kings Cross. I sat next to our mutual pal, Chris Cutler. Chris mentioned an article in New Scientist about awe being beneficial. Laboratory studies indicate that awe is good for you. Taking exercise and your ‘5 A Day’ isn’t enough, you should also experience something jaw-dropping and mind-blowing occasionally. Scientists advocate micro-dosing with psychedelics. I suggest that a dose of Bob Drake’s music would have the desired effect. His gig was awesome and everyone in that basement was richer and stranger for it.

—Peter Blegvad, October, 2017

“Last night in Birmingham Bob Drake played possibly the best solo set I have ever seen, keeping complex compositions from his catalogue almost entirely intact, with some of the finest guitar playing and inventive real-time looping I have ever seen. Here is a guy who can write a song about literally anything, in time signatures I couldn't even fathom, seemingly rooted in his DNA  It's just intoxicating and free of any convention.”
—Craigus Andrew Barry, May 2016


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