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CAMEMBERT is the fermentation of a Jazz Rock Prog from Outer Space flowing into the heart of a spectacular music ! Camembert’s approach to fusing the styles is quite a bit out of the norm and mixes skilfull and dancing music with such instruments as harp, vibraphone and a brass section ! The group is henceforth galvanized by their bewitching vocalist, LéLa Frite. Camembert is a refreshing music tinted of powerful arrangements that shows its true hypnosis on stage.

Influences : Frank Zappa, Jaga Jazzist, King Crimson, Gong, Magma.

Schnörgl Attahk is the debut album by the french band signed on the italian label Altrock, rising stable for the alternative music. The album is instantly greeted by the specialised press, The 8 musicians are now preparing a new release that pledges exciting interstellar ear invasion (out september 2017)!


Fabrice Toussaint: drum

Clarissa Imperator: xylophone, vibraphone

Pierre Warwzy: bass

Val: guitar

Harpus: harpe

Adrien Arnaud: trompette

Juliette Blum: trombone

Lela Frite: voice


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