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JEAN LOUIS are a virtuoso international trio (F-B-I, yeah!), masters of sound and instruments. They're familiar with the codes of rock n'roll trance music and come from a young jazz and French improvisation background. They blow up sound and musical barriers to flush out headbangers all over the world !

Their trumpet, drums and double bass bring a radical rock/noise energy, with a frenzy that is just one of a kind.

You can hardly recognize the sound of the trumpet, which flies off the tune of inflexible drums.

They take the audience into a steep way, surrounded with diverse atmospheres, at times heavy, light, mechanical, dark or free. These stage musicians master their music as well as their own energy (they perform together or on their own with Fantazio, Magma, Radiation 10, …). They'll knock you out in a proper soundbath.

You won't be able to stick a label on their music, influenced by many artistes such as Zu, Meshuggah, Varèse, Stravinski, Zakir Hussein, Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, Fred Frith...


Aymeric AVICE : trumpet

Joachim FLORENT : double bass

Francesco PASTACALDI : drum



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