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L'Œillère borrows as much from contemporary music, from the solidity and linearity of its structures, as from the energy of rock and the modal variety of jazz. Each of his pieces are composed for the classical guitar, which he uses without effects or electronic post-production. This formal constraint encourages a perpetual renewal of creativity, since the orchestral dimension of the compositions must be accomplished with a single instrument, Hence the necessity to twist, pinch, and caress the strings. But L'Œillère is not blinded by the desire to demonstrate technical skills; he's calibrated to shoot straight from the heart.

L'Œillère has released 4 solo albums and is the co-creator of the bands Jonas Zugzwang, dèchemétal, and b a b i l SABIR. He has collaborated with Secret Chiefs 3 and TeTsuo.

Having played more than 300 concerts, L'Œillère has shared the stage with bands such as Secret Chiefs 3, Ruins, Fred Frith's CosaBrava, Mike Watt's Missingmen, Anekdoten, Cabezas de Cera, GuessWhat, Fat32, Chocolat Billy , Electric Electric, Alastairs Roberts, L'Ocelle Mare, TeTsuo, a.P.A.t.T, Mein Sohn William, Cam Deas, Radikal Satan, and more...



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