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Founded by Romain Dugelay, Polymorphie is an adventure into uncharted musical territories. Currently made up of 6 musicians, it features one voice, two saxophones, two keyboards, a baritone guitar and drums. A prism based on a unique geometry that serves up a spellbinding, fusion-based sound.

For its new album "Cellule" (Cell), Polymorphie returns to literary texts. Whereas the previous "Voix" (Voice) took on Nick Cave, this album turns its attention to authors who experienced incarceration through powerful texts written in prison by Oscar Wilde, Jean Zay, Albertine Sarrazin, Paul Verlaine and Xavier, an anonymous prisoner. To set these words to music, Romain Dugelay orchestrates a score that alternates from minimalist, almost ghostly passages to sonic explosions that get under your skin. The voice is cutting, clear and striking in equal parts, the melodies ethereal and the orchestrations epic, to a constantly shifting rhythm... Polymorphie brings about an exciting connection between the polyrhythms inherited from traditional music, rock distortions, the chanted orations of urban poetry and the daring tightrope walk of improvisation.


Marine Pellegrini: voice, spoken word, keyboard

Romain Dugelay: saxophone alto, composition

Clément Edouard: saxophone alto 

Lucas Garnier: keyboard

Damien Cluzel: baryton guitar 

Léo Dumont: drum


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