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PTÄH plays the music of Magma, but PTÄH is not a band. It’s an ephemeral and fragile entity, that gets together when it can, or when it is invited to. Ephemeral and yet lasting : born in 2006 as a quartet, the collective has grown over time, reaching today a core of a dozen people.

Professional musicians but who offer themselves the luxury, from time to time, of an "amateur" practice, in the noble sense of the term. They "love" Magma's music, and acknowledge it as a music that will leave an imprint - and that as such deserves to be played, as often as possible, by Magma, Ptäh or by others, and in all imaginable contexts. To play Magma like others would play Bach, Miles Davis, or Led Zeppelin.

Coming from very different horizons - progressive rock, jazz, metal, traditional musics, funk, electroacoustic – the musicians in PTÄH have played in bands such as Artus, Sotos, Zaar, Old School Funky Family, Bostgehio, Alcome, Pastors of Muppets , and even Magma, to name a few. They gather, two or three times a year, around a common pleasure, and without any other stake than to share this pleasure with an audience as broad and diverse as possible, shall it be in an old barn lost in the woods, in a punk-rock venue in Switzerland, in city theaters or in international festivals.

Laura Etchegoyhen: voice

Maylis Raynal: voice

Audrey Thirot: voice

Michaël Sanchez: voice

Reno Silva Couto: saxophones, voice

Loïc Lemerre: guitar, voice

Jérôme Martineau-Ricotti: Keybord

Romain Colautti: baryton guitar , voice

Bruno Camiade: bass

Michaël Hazera: drum

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